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Our Presence

Over 1000 restaurants & hotels trust us for their daily bakery & pastry


Over 2000 bakery products delivered every day around Cambodia

Ice Cream

Satisfy more than 1.5 millions people every year with our delicious ice cream

Our Story

HACCP Certified Since 2016

Mekong Food Services is Cambodia’s leading producer of quality bakery, food products and services for retail and foodservice markets. Producing the industry's broadest range of products since 2001, we are dedicated to developing and supplying food solutions that drive customer growth and success. All of our products, made in Cambodia, are certified HACCP, an internationally recognized quality management system to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction. Connecting ingredients and expertise. we strive to make sure our clients are better equipped to serve their customers. Already providing total food solutions to many of Cambodia’s trusted brands, we have strategic partnerships from around the world to guarantee the availability of specialized ingredients and that our production techniques are up to date with industry trends. Please contact our sales team to discover how our range of products can add value to your needs.

  • Our Value

    Through a combination of Cambodian heritage and French know-how, we uphold international standards of taste and quality.

  • Our Product

    We serve a wide range of locally-made food solutions from sweet to savoury. Our portfolio has the answer to your needs.

  • Our Customer

    We work with our customers to develop solutions that will meet their evolving needs to ensure long lasting relationships.

  • Our Commitment

    Ensuring on-time delivery, meeting HACCP standards and giving the very best of our service to customers are the things that wake us up in the morning.

Our Sales Team

Business Development
Area Sales Manager
Heng Kimny
Heng Kimny
Area Sales Manager



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